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We are in transition. From cash to cryptocurrency, Blockchains & Bitcoin; the Digital Economy is a completely new world. Bitcoin Trader is here to assist your transition, enabling you to capitalise on the exceptional returns of the emergent asset class: Bitcoin.


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Is Bitcoin Volatile? It was, so yes, but not so much recently, probably not in the future. Well is it? Or isn’t it? Perhaps it can be understood in the context of a love story.

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Even with exceptional returns; 123% in 2016 and strong CAGR predictions; 45% annually for the next 9 years, Bitcoin is still in the early stages of adoption. Ironically, it’s the mental and technical barriers to entry that keep prices surging.

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Exceptional returns; 123% in 2016, and strong CAGR predictions; 45% annually for the next 9 years, Bitcoin instantly diversifies investment portfolios and SMSFs. With legislation now allowing SMSF’s to invest in Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Trader enables Australians to capitalise on the currency leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  In preparation for the SMSF Association National Conference in… Read More

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Bitcoin’s recent price correction came off the back of the People’s Bank of China announcing an “inspection” into exchanges BTC China, Huobi and OKCoin. Panic merchants wrote another Bitcoin obituary (currently at 119 since 2013), yet bitcoins are still worth 50 per cent more than they were three months ago. People’s main concern around Bitcoin… Read More

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As Global Government’s in India, Venezuela, and China roll out financial policies devaluing their currencies, fellow citizens of the first world may have considered themselves immune. But when Australia’s Queensland Government passed legislation last week, enabling them to repatriate public servant’s superannuation savings –  without community consultation, the value of democracy declined. Due to an… Read More

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  When a reality tele star makes it (almost) to the White House, the rupee under your mattress is worthless in a weekend and your Venezuelan wallet can’t hold your cash, it feels like a global Moneygate. Just ask the Italians. Yet there’s more bad news, right here in the sunshine state – but we’ll… Read More

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Bitcoin: The New Asset Class

301% Return

Jan – June 2017

626% CAGR

2009 – 2017

$50 Billion

Market Cap

$1 Billion

Market Cap Growth DAILY