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Bitcoin Trader is a Cryptocurrency brokerage firm providing buy and hold strategies for high volume investments. As the world transitions to a digital economy, we facilitate investment solutions throughout the entire cryptocurrency acquisition process: buy, comply, store, secure & insure.

We specialise in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment in Australian Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs). Given the high regulation of the sector and governance by the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, diversifying an SMSF with Cryptocurrency is complex and timely. Our main aim is to simplify the process enabling Australian’s to invest in the blockchain technology – Bitcoin

Buy: acquisition of authentic Bitcoin and cryptocurrency from international aggregators & liquidity providers.

Comply: Education and tools fulfilling regulatory compliance for cryptocurrency acquisition within SMSFs and personal investment portfolios.

Store: Cold Wallet solutions for safe long-term storage and cryptocurrency recovery.

Secure & Insure: Vault storage solutions for cold wallets ensuring security and insurance.


Bitcoin: Transition to the Digital Economy


If life is like a box of chocolates, Crypto is like coffee…  

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We’ve always said, buying Crypto is like buying coffee. And with a coffee, you need a cup at exactly the same time. There’s lots of people selling Crypto – but not a lot supplying the cup.     In other words – you need a cold wallet storage device when you buy your Crypto. Then… Read More

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We’re a little late to the party on this one; Banking on Bitcoin was released on Netflix a few months back. But now you’ve caught up on Bloodline Season 3, you’ve got something to watch this weekend. Christopher Cannucciari makes his directorial debut in this documentary retelling the tale of Bitcoin through the evolution of… Read More

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In the Bitcoin world the most popular question is “Who is Satoshi?” But at Bitcoin Trader we have a far greater dilemma than figuring out the phantom behind the Blockchain revolution. We need to know: Who is KT? Months ago people started calling: “Hey, I want to buy Bitcoin – KT recommended you.” Nathan assumed… Read More

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What’s the difference between buying Cryptocurrency off an online exchange versus buying from Bitcoin Trader?

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We’ve talked about Cryptocurrency storage before: hot wallets (not good) cold wallets (very good). We’ve since been asked about paper wallets – here’s our thoughts. A paper wallet is a document that contains a copy of the public and private keys that comprise your cryptocurrency wallet. Since the keys are not stored digitally anywhere, it… Read More

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Bitcoin: The New Asset Class

301% Return

Jan – June 2017

626% CAGR

2009 – 2017

$50 Billion

Market Cap

$1 Billion

Market Cap Growth DAILY