A Tale of Two Podcasts


It was the best of times (we were flat out prepping for the upcoming AIA conference), it was the worst of times (we were flat out prepping for the upcoming AIA conference), when I got I call from Ann Nelson inviting me to be a guest on her Podcast series: “Retire Well, Retire Happy.” Her audience wanted to know about Bitcoin and as the Content person, I suppose I seemed like the logical lead. When I finally got back to her (weeks later, post-conference, so sorry) we agreed on a time for the following week.

But then I started to think about, well, my voice. Whenever I transcribe recordings of the phone interviews I conduct, I cringe. My voice is too high and fast. What to do? Retrain my default speech pattern to “low and slow” in 7 days.

For the following week I practiced my new voice in every conversation I had. I sounded great, but my productivity halved.

In the end I kicked it over to Nathan – CEO and a man. In-built vocal advantage.

The interview was scheduled, Nathan dialed in, spoke low and slow for a good 30 minutes…

O oh. It didn’t record.

Take Two… All good until – something happened and the recording cut out for the last 10 minutes.

One thing about Nathan – he’s nothing if not persistent.

Third time lucky.

Listen here

The second podcast “Demystifying Bitcoin” was scheduled, delivered low and slow and recorded on the first take! But it’s not up yet – we’ll keep you posted.

And check out Ann’s Blog – thanks to her persistence.

Oh, and last night someone actually said to me, “You have a really nice phone voice.”





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