Who is KT?

BT Post Who is KT_ BLOG

In the Bitcoin world the most popular question is “Who is Satoshi?” But at Bitcoin Trader we have a far greater dilemma than figuring out the phantom behind the Blockchain revolution. We need to know: Who is KT?

Months ago people started calling: “Hey, I want to buy Bitcoin – KT recommended you.” Nathan assumed she was someone Rona met; Rona assumed the reverse. After weeks (and endless referrals), Nathan, exacerbated, finally asked Rona, “Who is this KT? Rona replied, “I thought she was your friend.”

Back through the contacts list they went – nothing. Emails. Nada. Phone calls? No one at Bitcoin Trader has even even spoken to her.

At least once a week, someone calls… they know KT. They buy Bitcoin.

KT – if you’re out there – please, give us a call. We’d like to thank you.


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