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We’re a little late to the party on this one; Banking on Bitcoin was released on Netflix a few months back. But now you’ve caught up on Bloodline Season 3, you’ve got something to watch this weekend.

Christopher Cannucciari makes his directorial debut in this documentary retelling the tale of Bitcoin through the evolution of the Cypherhackers (they’re like the Supermodels of IT – to geeks).

The first 4 minutes gives the best description of how Bitcoin works, that I’ve ever seen – “a global, automated ledger”. Yes, you’ve heard that before but when you see it moving on a screen with infographics and cool images, it just makes more sense.

Within the next 10 minutes you’ll realise you never really understood blockchain tech – because now you do.

But wait – at 12 minutes you’ll have a fresh perspective on mining (I know, you didn’t think that was possible).

Ok, midway it gets a little “hackers banging the drum of global social change” – but hey, it’s a doco on Bitcoin and Cyperhackers are the stars. It’s worth sticking with it because it kind of suggests who Satoshi actually is and certainly provides compelling evidence to reinforce the hypothesis.

Conclusion: Whatever your level of Bitcoin knowledge, this doco will entertain, educate and downright inspire. Banking on Bitcoin is right about one thing: “Bitcoin is the largest socioeconomic experiment the world has ever seen.” Now see the doco.




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