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Thanks to record growth, Bitcoin has finally hit the mainstream news. The next question is, “How do I store it?”

Bitcoin Trader has always recommended storing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency on a cold wallet device (like a Ledger) then placing it in a secure location. Not under the mattress. A safety deposit box within a vaulting facility, such as Guardian Vaults.

The Australian wanted to know all about it. Here’s what we told them:

Guardian Vaults, one of Australia’s largest private operators, expects healthy “cold” storage demand in the near future, and has recently started to provide services in tandem with cryptocurrency brokerages to complete high volume transactions on behalf of clients within the vault. It comes as brokerages warn storage is a critical part of cryptocurrency investment decisions.“We recommend all clients store their cryptocurrency investment on a ‘cold’ or hardware wallet,” cryptocurrency brokerage Bitcoin Trader chief executive Nathan Van Den Bosch tells The Australian.“We’ve seen many instances of people storing their cryptocurrency on exchanges which were either hacked, robbed or went insolvent.”


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