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I sat down with Bitcoin Trader CEO, Nathan van den Bosch to discuss the latest Bitcoin scam – that unfortunately involves unscrupulous individuals impersonating us. Although it’s often said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” – we are not amused.


What’s been happening?

Individuals representing themselves as working for Bitcoin Trader are contacting people through text messages and email in an attempt to steal people’s funds and identities.

One example, is they send a message saying, “You have 1.7 Bitcoins, they are sitting at this address, please click on this link to claim your Bitcoins.” Then they ask you to enter your username and provide ID.

These messages are originating from anonymous, scam addresses. They are not from – but the addresses are created to mimic our website.


How do they choose their targets?


They are targeting anyone; it appears completely random. We then get calls from people saying, “I have been trying to login to my account.” But there is no account. We only work with people who contact us first. There is no account to log into. The email they are getting is fraudulent.


So in other words, Bitcoin Trader will never contact you in an unsolicited email?

Correct. It’s a similar scam to what your Bank warns you about: never click on an email that “links” to your account.


If you receive an unsolicited email, what should you do?

If you want to preserve the email to forward to authorities, please leave it in your junk folder because they contain viralware. I have been responding to individuals that contact us with the following information:

You are probably receiving spam emails from an anonymous source. We have already reported this scam to

 In addition, I have also reported this scam to the ACCC for investigation.

Please ignore/delete these emails, as they are not originating from Bitcoin Trader.

If you would personally like to take action, please contact ACCC, Scamwatch, and ACORN.


Note: There is also a site selling “Bitcoin Trader” software. Bitcoin Trader Australia is not affiliated with this company and only trades on behalf of clients using authentic international liquidity providers.

We are NOT affiliated with the website referred to in the link below.



If you have any other information regarding scams using our name, please contact us at:



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