“Everybody be quiet! I’m trying to work out what a Bitcoin is.”

Bitcoin Trader’s Ben Hagemann dons his heaviest earmuffs to dull the noise, and tries to answer the question so many of us are still asking: What’s a cryptocurrency? It’s caused a fantastic stir in the world of financial investment. Stories of overnight “bitcoin millionaires” swept the headlines in late 2017, closely followed by a conservative… Read More

Bitcoin Trader announces its inaugural cryptocurrency symposium

The cryptocurrency investment sector has undergone extensive development in recent months, leaving an education gap in the fintech sector, but that gap will soon be closed with the launch of Bitcoin Trader’s inaugural cryptocurrency symposium: Decrypted 2018. As for any asset class, there are various pitfalls that may catch out the unwary, and every day… Read More

Let’s talk about crypto-regulation

Today marks the introduction of the Australian government’s compulsory data breach response laws. From February 22, small to medium businesses covered by the Privacy Act will be covered by a legal obligation to report data breaches which have the capacity to cause harm. This applies to cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerages, super funds, and any other businesses… Read More

Questioning crypto in Self-Managed Super Funds

Last week’s SMSFA conference at the Sydney ICC provided a great opportunity for finance industry professionals to find out more about how cryptocurrencies are starting to fit into Australia’s superannuation landscape. For two days, the Bitcoin Trader information booth was beset by crypto-investors and the coin-curious alike. There’s clearly a groundswell of interest in the… Read More

BT partners with SMSF administrator Xpress Super

SMSF clients around Australia will have access to a range of new options for portfolio diversification, thanks to a new alliance between Bitcoin Trader and independent SMSF administrator Xpress Super. The exciting new partnership will allow Xpress Super to expand its range of services, offering investment options in the revolutionary new asset class in the… Read More

Six of the best in cryptocurrency

The top end of the cryptomarket is well-established, but how can we differentiate between each coin? With more than 1000 to choose from, we open the lid on Bitcoin Trader’s five favourite cryptocurrencies, plus a bonus coin, in this explainer. 1. Bitcoin (BTC) The history of the first cryptocurrency is now well-documented. Developed by the… Read More

Ledger issues “man-in-the-middle” security reminder

Hardware crypto-wallet manufacturer Ledger has released a statement reminding users to beware of ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks. A report from Cointelegraph suggested there was a “newly discovered vulnerability” in the wallets hardware, however the article referred to a Twitter post from Ledger issued on February 4, which explained to Ledger users that hardware wallets do not make… Read More

Booming bitcoin faces brutal Facebook ban

There’s been enough time to absorb the news that Facebook is banning all cryptocurrency advertising from its news feeds. It’s another wonderfully negative story in a long line of negative stories about cryptocurrency, but perhaps there’s another angle from which to view this latest saga? What if the ban on crypto ads is actually a… Read More

The Coincheck hack, and vulnerability in centralised cryptocurrency exchanges

The crypto-market suffered its largest hack of all time over the weekend, reminding investors to heed the ‘centralised’ nature of online exchanges. Tokyo exchange Coincheck has confirmed that 58 billion yen equivalent of the alt-coin NEM was lost while most Australians were sleeping off a busy national public holiday. The loss of 523 million NEM… Read More