Bitcoin Scam Alert

I sat down with Bitcoin Trader CEO, Nathan van den Bosch to discuss the latest Bitcoin scam – that unfortunately involves unscrupulous individuals impersonating us. Although it’s often said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” – we are not amused. Carissa: What’s been happening? Nathan: Individuals representing themselves as working for Bitcoin Trader are… Read More

Bitcoin Storage – we’re in the news!

Thanks to record growth, Bitcoin has finally hit the mainstream news. The next question is, “How do I store it?” Bitcoin Trader has always recommended storing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency on a cold wallet device (like a Ledger) then placing it in a secure location. Not under the mattress. A safety deposit box within a vaulting facility,… Read More

Bitcoin Money; Transition to a digital psychology

Are we trying to understand Bitcoin based on our old belief systems? Isn’t money always a paper currency distributed by a government? Nope – what about the stone wheels used by the Yapese – even accepted by the Bank of Hawaii up until 2002! Read why Bitcoin is a natural evolution of the digital economy… Read More

From Barter to Bitcoin

This week Deutsche Bank lead strategist Jim Reid, declared fiat may be finished. A little too much fractional banking perhaps. “Although the current speculative interest in cryptocurrencies is more to do with Blockchain technology than a loss of faith in paper money, at some point there will likely be some medium of exchange that becomes… Read More

Bitcoin Trader takes on the Wild West with ADCA

Given the innovation of Bitcoin and Blockchain tech, when it comes to law – there isn’t any. No wonder the sector has been likened to the Wild West. But there’s a new sheriff in town; the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA) and Bitcoin Trader has joined the ranks. ADCA states, “Collectively, ADCA members help advance… Read More

Bitcoin: Pinning down the Spot Price

Part 1 Bitcoin Spot Price Q & A Today we’re starting a series answering the FAQ’s of the Crypto world; kicking off with the most confusing: Bitcoin’s Spot Price. It may only be baffling to me because I lack any formal qualifications in Finance (Writing & Film originally), but luckily our CEO and Founder, Nathan… Read More

Bitcoin & Crypto Storage

We’ve always said, buying Crypto is like buying coffee. And with a coffee, you need a cup at exactly the same time. There’s lots of people selling Crypto – but not a lot supplying the cup.     In other words – you need a cold wallet storage device when you buy your Crypto. Then… Read More

Movie Review: Banking on Bitcoin

We’re a little late to the party on this one; Banking on Bitcoin was released on Netflix a few months back. But now you’ve caught up on Bloodline Season 3, you’ve got something to watch this weekend. Christopher Cannucciari makes his directorial debut in this documentary retelling the tale of Bitcoin through the evolution of… Read More