Nathan van den Bosch 
CEO & Founder

Founder and CEO, Nathan Van den Bosch, has a Bachelors of Economics from Sydney University, a Masters of Commerce from University of New South Wales and more than 20 years experience in trading innovative IT systems; working with International companies including Sony, Samsung, Hasbro, Telstra, Optus, ANZ, NAB, Fairfax, Reebok and Railcorp.

After experiencing the financial devastation of the GFC and witnessing the severe after effects in Greece and Cyprus, Nathan investigated alternative investment opportunities that would be insulated from the next financial fallout:

“My background is in economics and finance; I also invest in gold bullion. As I watched the Global Financial Crisis unfold I was outraged – it was entirely the result of a fraudulent, fractional banking system. Banks just kept printing more and more money. Then I witnessed the devastation in Cyprus – people’s funds were confiscated straight out of their so-called ‘safe’ bank accounts. Then I saw it again in Greece. People had worked 40-50 years to put that nest egg away. It was outright thievery. Imagine the devastation of having your entire life savings stolen? Obviously people can invest in gold bullion; when you retire, how can you use it? You can’t spend it on eBay. Now there’s a technological solution that can prevent such a catastrophe from ever occurring again.”

Nathan heard about Bitcoin; a secure, distributed, digital currency, which can be used as both an asset and payment system. Yet when he shared his research with colleagues, he found most couldn’t comprehend it, thus couldn’t appreciate its value. Once he clarified Bitcoin’s structure and system people understood its unique investment opportunity. Then the next challenge arose: although excited, people didn’t know how to acquire or use Bitcoin.

Thus Bitcoin Trader was established – to educate individuals on the immense investment opportunity and enable them to use it to secure their financial future.

From its foundation, Bitcoin Trader is structured to be fully compliant with all relevant legislation associated with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 and the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993.

Rona Girdler 
Head of Superannuation, Education & Training Co-ordinator

Having spent more than 16 years in education and training roles in the NSW health care system, Rona has always maintained a strong desire to support people.

Introduced to Bitcoin in 2015, she immediately recognised the opportunity it presented for financial independence – yet most of the information was fragmented and highly technical.

Rona joined Bitcoin Trader to develop and deliver premium Bitcoin education in a clear and simple way.

Carissa Pritchard
Head of Content & Communications

With a background in Screenwriting and 15 years experience in creating Content, Presentations and Social Media for companies, Carissa has a passion for story telling in the corporate space.

“Bitcoin is the most exciting development in business, economics and ultimately society, since… sliced bread. My goal is to help convey the value and importance of Bitcoin – not just for individual financial freedom – but also, it’s possibility for social revolution.”

Ian Coleman
Consulting Engineer

Ian studied Mechatronic Engineering at Sydney University and pursued a career in developing and testing software. Passionate about enabling people to enjoy the experience of advanced technology, Bitcoin Trader was a natural fit.

“When Bitcoin first crossed my radar the barriers to entry were extremely high. I wanted to help people who would otherwise be limited by the technical aspects, get involved.”

Steve Keel
Partner Manager – Financial Planning

Being a teacher for 18 years and an investment enthusiast throughout this time, Steve has established his own Self-Managed Super Fund that invests in Bitcoin.

“A friend taught me the basics of Bitcoin two years ago and I could see it was quite unique. Most would agree it’s difficult to find a financial instrument that operates universally with low transactions fees, is both a currency and payment system, is not reliant on debt and can be used as a store of wealth. I believe Bitcoin will revolutionise the global financial system.”

Kate Erdman
Education & Training Consultant

Kate has spent 20 years managing and training a workforce whilst ensuring the highest standards of quality and care. Having always enjoyed inspiring people to overcome uncertainty, bringing Bitcoin to the mainstream has become her new passion.

“When I was first introduced to Bitcoin I immediately saw the potential in what a digital currency had to offer. Not having a financial background, I can appreciate the mental hurdles that come with something so revolutionary. I’ve made it my goal to introduce people to the possibilities of Bitcoin, which I believe will have an immense impact on people’s financial security and the world economy.”